The main purpose of the company is to manufacture and trade with products and services mainly in paper stationery for the food industry.

The company has been successfully operating on the Croatian and foreign markets for many years.

With the continuous modernization, business improvements and cost optimization, Napi Naletilić d.o.o. sets standards that allow it to market its own products to domestic but also to the European Union market.

Napi Naletilić d.o.o. with 30 employees, today occupies a leading position in the market:

  • Kraft (natron) paper bags without printing and up to 4 colors (flexo),
  • Butcher paper lined with non-printing foil and up to 4 colors (flexo),
  • Non-printing felt paper with up to 4 colors (flexo),
  • Uncoated paper with up to 4 colors (flexo),
  • Non-printing, non-printing paraffin paper up to 4 colors (flexo),
  • Eco-paper adhesive tapes of rubberized kraft (natron) without print and up to 4 colors (flexo),
  • Pergamine pads for the confectionery industry

Napi Naletilić d.o.o. keeps up with the challenges and demands of the market and invests in new technologies, while respecting all environmental requirements, most notably in the food packaging industry.

Napi Naletilić d.o.o. cites the quality of its products, services and customer satisfaction as the fundamental goal and determinant of present and future business and development.

Our customers have given us confidence by giving us high marks for the quality of the product, the professionalism of our staff, as well as the willingness to meet their requirements and expectations.