White paper bread bags

White paper bread bags are produced of 100% cellulose paper. If needed, there is a possibility to produce also a greaseproof white paper bread bags. These bags are classified as a food-grade certificated paper that confirms that our products are safe for direct contact with food.

Types of white paper bread bags:  
Type Sizes Packaging
bag 1/4 kg 115x50x200 mm 1000 kom.
bag 1/2 kg 115x50x240 mm 1000 kom.
bag 1/1 kg 130x50x280 mm 1000 kom.
bag 2/1 kg 170x60x340 mm 1000 kom.
bag 3/1 kg 190x55x360 mm 1000 kom.
bag 5/1 kg 220x50x440 mm 500 kom.
bag pogača 285x60x360 mm 500 kom.
bag francuz 130x50x520 mm 1000 kom.
Dimensions N/A
Paper bag size

Vrećica 1/1 kg, Vrećica 1/2 kg, Vrećica 1/4 kg, Vrećica 2/1 kg, Vrećica 3/1 kg, Vrećica 5/1 kg, Vrećica francuz, Vrećica pogača